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Report Cards for the Third Marking Period will be available to parents, online, April 29, 2016.

Spring is here! This is the time of year when many activities are taking place, many of which require permission forms to be returned to school. For your convenience, you can access the forms and print them out from here. Please click on the form you need.








 Congratulations to ALL that participated in the Students vs. Teachers Basketball Game!
The Teachers scored more points, but everyone showed great School Spirit and Sportsmanship!
Can you identify your teachers from their baby pictures? 

Mrs. Azzari                  Mr. Bateman               Ms. Bartkevicus          Mrs. Clerecuzio

Mrs. Clifford               Mrs. Collins                  Mrs. Crowley               Mr. Coleman

Mrs. Campbell           Mrs. Davis                     Mrs. Donato                Mr. Forlano

Mrs. Gracie                Ms. Gambino                Mrs. Hortz                    Mrs. Hubbard

Ms. Hillen                   Mrs. Johnston              Mr. Kreps                      Ms. Miller

Mrs. McNevin            Mrs. Mervine               Mrs. Pollitt                    Mrs. Schooley

Mrs. Sickler                Mrs. Sohn                     Mrs. Woronicak            Mrs. Weeks


Congratulations to our Cyber-Safety Poster Winners! 
Students in 6th grade have been learning about cyber safety in Technology Class. As an extra-credit assignment, students made posters to help others learn how to be safe on the internet. Three posters were selected to be entered into the State of New Jersey 2015-16 Cybersecurity Awareness Poster Contest. Here are the three entries submitted by Kyle, Madison, and Nikolas:
r  r e
 Congratulations to Mrs. Donna Sickler
2015-16 Teacher of the Year at Walter Hill School

 Congratulations to Our Stellar Comets!

January 2016

Team Wise: Chloe Moorer

Team Wolf: Lyndsay Warner

Team Hall Bopp; Nick Regan

Team Eclipse: Andrew Doyle

(Due November 11, 2015) 
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